About us


Smart Choice Group is established on the following values which determine our standards:

  • Integrity – we pass on all necessary information and we always strive for what’s best for our client, ensuring that their sense of security is at its highest.
  • Engagement – to us, our client is a member of the team. Therefore, we approach each case individually and responsibly, searching for the right solutions.
  • Efficiency – we strive for the best possible results in every area, which in turn leads to a high quality of our products and services.
  • Professionalism – we continually expand our company, seek new better solutions and improve our qualifications.
  • Loyalty – we care about building strong and lasting working relationships with our clients and colleagues.
  • Passion – everything we do, we do with passion and commitment - we cannot do otherwise.

Our history

My whole life has revolved around finance – most of my family either work or have worked in that industry; I have graduated from an economic university and worked as a financial advisor. As a result, when I first moved to the UK in 2015, I decided to continue on that same path.

In life, I really value quality and I knew that I could only achieve it at its highest when I could influence the company, customer service and products – this is how Smart Choice Group came to life.

Back then, I introduced my own principles which are still valid today. Firstly, our clients matter the most. It’s our daily practice to approach everyone individually, find the right solutions and build lasting partnerships. People who make up Smart Choice are of equal importance. We don’t believe in glass ceilings, and so the possibilities of professional development are almost endless.

Through the years that we have operated in the British market, we have based all our actions on innovative management methods, experience and kindness towards others. As a result, we create a brand you can trust – Smart Choice Group.

Zuzanna Ritter

Founder and owner of Smart Choice Group