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Income protection in the UK

protect your financial stability

Whether you have a full-time job or run your own business, there may come a time when you lose your income. In most cases, it’s a result of an illness or an accident, like pneumonia or a broken leg. Should this happen to you, it’s worth knowing that your financial stability won’t be affected. 

Who can benefit from Income Protection Insurance in the UK?

Anyone who wants to protect themselves against loss of earnings can buy this policy.

What do you gain with Income Protection Insurance?

  • A regular income if you’ve lost your earnings
  • Cover for your family finances
  • Provision for your financial obligations, e.g. debts and loans
  • Protection for your savings

Smart Choice

Features of Insurance

Flexible choice

You decide on the payout sum and how much you pay in premiums.

Thanks to this policy you could receive up to 70% of your monthly earnings until you return to work.

Types of Income Protection Insurance

  • Short-term – monthly payments for up to 1, 2 or 5 years
  • Long-term – payments until the retirement age or until the age of 70


In the case of Income Protection Insurance, you will receive monthly payments.

Easy conclusion of contract

All you need to do is get in touch with us or one of our insurance agents and arrange a meeting. During the meeting, we will discuss the plans available as well as clarify any ambiguities.

Constant care

We guarantee constant care from our insurance agents. If you’re unable to return to work due to illness or an accident, contact us. We will help you with all the formalities.

Exclusions and restrictions

Under certain circumstances the policy cannot be applied or its scope will be limited. But don’t worry – our agents will discuss all such events with you.

This policy has no cash-in value at any time. If you stop paying your premiums, your cover stops and you get nothing back. We will only pay out if a successful claim is made.

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