If you’re having some health issues, it’s much harder to find a suitable insurance plan which would secure the future of your loved ones and protect them against any additional costs. Over 50s Life Insurance not only solves these problems, but also provides you with support in case of a serious illness.

Who can benefit from Over 50s Life Insurance in the UK?

This plan is aimed at and limited to people aged 50 to 80.

There is no medical required.

What do you gain with Over 50s Life Insurance in the UK?

  • Lifetime cover
  • Support for your loved ones after you’ve passed away
  • Provision for your financial obligations, e.g. debts and loans
  • Additional money in case of a serious illness
  • Cover for funeral expenses, also in Poland
  • Continuation of cover if you move to a different country

Smart Choice

Features of insurance

Flexible choice

You decide how much you pay in premiums, which will determine the payout sum received by your loved ones, or by you in case of a serious illness.

Inclusion of the insurance risk

The insurer will pay out the full sum if the insured dies on, or after, 2 years from taking out the policy. If death occurs before that, their loved ones will receive 150% of premiums paid to date. If the insured dies as a result of accidental death before the 2 year period is complete, the payout amount will be equal to premiums paid to date.


In the event of your death, your loved ones will receive a lump sum payout. Similarly, in the case of serious illness, the insurer will pay out 20% of your policy value in one lump sum.

Easy conclusion of contract

All you need to do is get in touch with us or one of our insurance agents and arrange a meeting. During the meeting, we will discuss the plans available as well as clarify any ambiguities.

Constant care

We guarantee constant care from our insurance agents. In the case of serious illness or death, all that you or your loved ones need to do is contact us. We will help you with all the formalities

Exclusions and restrictions

Under certain circumstances the policy cannot be applied or its scope will be limited. But don’t worry – our agents will discuss all such events with you.


Moratorium – although acceptance is guaranteed, the full sum assured may only be payable after a specified initial period.


Inflation – as the sum insured is fixed, the value of the sum assured will be reduced in real terms by inflation (unless the plan includes indexation).


Loss of cover if premium payments cease / no cash-in value – if the customer stops paying the premiums they will get nothing back.


Overpayment – it is possible for a customer to pay more in premiums than the amount of the sum assured, depending on how long the customer lives. Where a policy has no age limit for premiums, firms should make it clear to potential customers that premiums are payable for life, however long that might be and the implications this has for the possibility of an overpayment. 

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